Episode 70: McBlizzard’s in a Mood

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The A-team brings you another episode right after the last episode! It’s what we do! Like the Joker, we are men of our Word! 

McBlizzard’s had a long hard day, he was kind enough to wake from a nap to keep this 30 Days of Podcasting going… Thanks Bibbles!

First we start off with a little bit of chatter about JCVD and the splits. Next we talk about Kanye and Kim’s music video…more importantly James Franco and Seth Rogan’s mock of said video. It’s awkward, dead on and hilarious! 

Movie trailers are discussed as well. Sabatoge, Need for Speed and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 

The second half of the podcast we talk about the show. Who’s still apart of it, what is the show about, what does our audience expect…heck, what do we expect. Ginger wants to put on a good show, Bibbles is boring (says he) and Oz is the MAN! For those of you that don’t know. There are 2 other co-hosts. …or are there?

What’s McBibbles…er…McBlizzards real name? We ask this very question at the very end! 

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Thank You so much and we’ll see you again tomorrow! 


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