Episode 61: Breaking Geek

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Pain and Gain, Breaking Bad and Olympus Has Fallen get discussed by the A-team in tonights podcast quickie. 1 hour of geek talk! In that hour we also cover a new toy that has hit the interwebs and has already got Jer’s money! I’m on the fence, but this Peacekeeper he teases for next weeks episode…I’m all about!

We also talk about E.L.E! If you’ve been a long time listener you know that this is something I’ve been working on for awhile now. My first creator owned comic book! It’s so close to being out it’s not funny! So close that I’m now taking pre-orders for the digital release Next week! You want a copy? Just tweet me or e-mail me and I’d be happy to get you one! Help support indie comics!

Also, The Angry Ginger tries to talk McBibbles into doing some “Breaking Geek!” It’s like Breaking Bad but with less violence and not nearly as thought out as our friend Walter White has proven himself capable of doing!

Remember a whole paragraph ago when I mentioned E.L.E.? Well, we are going to Wizard World Ohio and it’s going to be McBibbles first time! So we run through what’s to be expected. Cosplay, Comics and the Crud!

Enough reading…get to listening!

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