Ep 48: Deadbeat Dad’s and Heart Attacks

  • Ep 48: Deadbeat Dad's and Heart Attacks 00:00

In this ep, the great and powerful dads return to discuss one tik tok-er’s unique way of living unblended while another one demands that all men in basements get their microphones revoked! 

Dan has had it up to hear with parents weaponizing their children. Off with the dead beat dad’s heads. 

Ginger’s health has taken a surprising turn. Two words, “Heart Attack”? Maybe it’s not that bad? Maybe he’s in denial? 

Let us know! 

You can reach the show by emailing the show DeconstructingDad@MonkeyPooStudios.com

as well as finding us on the Twitter:

Ginger is @s7evendaysageek

Dan is @Deac273

The show @DeconsructDad

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