Ep 15 Let’s Talk About School Shootings

  • Ep 15 Let's Talk About School Shootings 00:00

While driving home from work last week Friday morning, my daughter called to tell me that the school(s) were closing because of a school shooting threat. After having a few conversations with my kids, it got me thinking, what is the process schools are taking to protect the teachers, the kids and the fears that us parents have in situations like this.

In less frightening and more upbeat news, how far is too far when converting your home into a bachelor pad? Do you man cave up every room… or just a few? It’s probably best to allow the children to keep their rooms the way that they are… or maybe let them update them to their own tastes.

When dating just isn’t working out… maybe it’s best to back burner that for a while and just enjoy life the way it is. Which is what I did… and am doing.

Also these guys.. the guys you’re listening to will soon be meeting up after almost 8 years of knowing each other! This discussed and so much more! (Like Dan’s rather odd ability to open his throat and swallow his food in an extremely unhealthy way)


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