Ep 13: Feeling Dirty, Triggered, and Cheated!

  • Ep 13: Feeling Dirty, Triggered, and Cheated! 00:00

Come one come all and check out the latest episode of the hilariously comical podcast that you have grown to love, known as the 7 Days a Geek show!  Follow along this week as the geeks tackle a new pick for the weekly watch party and review the amazing film Green Street Hooligans. It’s NCs pick so I will give you three guesses who submarines his weekly watch party score, but you only need Quad!  Seriously, the biggest UFC fan we all know takes offense to the “violent scenes” and needs his comfort blanket! We also explore Trailer talk with Coffee and Kareem and apparently you can’t kill David Arquette or Will Arnett. Want to hear NC go Nuclear?  Sift thru those willy nilly time stamps down below and you shall!


5:30 When to call the insurance company

6:00 Playing dangerous games with Telemarketers and JAGs love for Potatoes

7:45 NEW SHOW EMAIL!!!!!! 

8:45  Strange times in the COVID19 Universe


  • Getting creative on social media, usually in the nude


10:00 Women look better naked than men!  Sexist!

11:45 Shout out to STUNTFISH!  Redbox winner! Listen for the codeword in the episode and it could be you!

12:00 Good morning Vietnam and popping fart bubbles

14:00 Purge Siren in real life, Lighthouse tie in (we can’t escape that movie)

15:15 Free healthcare backfires in Britain

16:00 Where would you choose to take your final breath?

17:45 Some News from JAG


  • AMC might be a goner! Coles AMC Stubs is in jeopardy
  • Balancing act Economy vs Shutdown and why we arent in charge
  • Everything pushed back moviewise
  • Will Indiana Jones Live forever?
  • Netflix Power Moves?


31:00 TRAILER TALK Coffee and Kareem (NETFLIX)

35:00 Kids being nasty A$$holes

37:00 Listeners save the Ginger….flashback to Podtoberfest 2 years ago

40:00 You can’t Kill David Arquette (Amazon?)


  • Flabby dad bod to Professional Wrestler
  • Tie in to The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts
  • Razor Ramone comeback
  • Making the Turd a youtube star


47:00 Plugging the Plethora of JAGs podcasts

48:15 Catching up with the Geeks


  • Say goodbye to this bumper….
  • NCs loving this social distancing
  • Implementing the bedtime for these crazy children!
  • Running the hood with the kids
  • 30 days workout challenge with the kids, it is ramping up
  • NC becomes the Gym Teacher!
  • JAG has pubescent children who are always problematic
  • Trying to impress the seriousness of COVID lockdown on children
  • Everyone does ZOOM, JAG is getting depressed
  • Online dating has taken a hit!  
  • Good music and Bonfires!  J&J Lawncare to sponsor the show!
  • CO-Parenting during COVID, and letting go of the control 
  • TUNE in to Segment 7 to hear the dirty secret stories!
  • SENIOR citizen hour with JAG and Quad
  • Who has the right away on the sidewalk?  Yield to the bigger group!
  • Grocery store madness
  • Your choices can kill me and my family!
  • Quads on the gameshow kick again


1:17:00 Geeking out with Quad


  • The Current War (Redbox)


1:18:45 Weekly Watch Party (Green Street Hooligans 2005) (Youtube)




1:39:30 NC LOSES HIS COOL! Quad can’t play by the rules


  • Quad can’t understand balance in his small little brain
  • BEAUTIFUL TIE IN to Good Will Hunting as NC tries to explain the ending to the mentally handicapped Quadfather


1:50:00 The Green Room JAGs WWP movie pick!  Watch it! Quad can just skip around at 1.5 X speed

1:54:00  Geeking out NC and JAG


  • Talking Cult Classics
  • Call back to Flake
  • Chris Hemsworth new Film and trailer (APRIL 24th NETFLIX) 
  • TIger King, Carol killed her Husband and you won’t ever change my Mind
  • David Spade show cancelled
  • Artemis Fowl
  • Stumptown
  • Dirty John (Netflix)
  • Onward Disney +
  • Dave episodes turn serious
  • The Rise of Jordan Peterson (Amazon)
  • Facts don’t care about your feelings
  • The lost art of Debate



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