Day 3-Life Begins at 82 and Creepy Stalker Clowns (Morning Show Hour 2)

  • Day 3-Life Begins at 82 and Creepy Stalker Clowns (Morning Show Hour 2) 00:00

Welcome back to Day 3 of our 30 Days of Podcasting…and Hour 2 of our Podtoberfest celebration! This hour we finish up our Morning Show antics with more news stories, deep conversations about love and loss (bet you didn’t see that one coming). We sprinkle it all with lots of funny and games. 

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In the World of The Weird:

This just in “Humans can only live for so long”, Shocker, we know! Also, there’s a 97 year old golfer that not only was born from a joke…but actually exists!

…and so begins the war on clowns. Stephen King has blood on his hands! 

Twitter’s Stock Plunges! Apple, Google and Disney see no point investing in this social media giant! 

New study ranks Ginger’s swear Words from most to least offensive! 

Kitchen Gadget Review-Part sex toy, part street weapon!?

Hanna Barbara “Speed Buggy” lunchbox stolen after sale at auction!


We play “Famous People and their real ages”.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for an all new “Wiki Wiki Whaa?”, where cat’s and toast merge in a fun game of theoretical physics! 

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