CUWTG-Drunk’n Dad Hails Uber/Dog Goes To Heaven/I Peed My Pants At a Children’s Volleyball Tournament

  • CUWTG-Drunk'n Dad Hails Uber/Dog Goes To Heaven/I Peed My Pants At a Children's Volleyball Tournament 00:00

I think the title really speaks for itself but if you’re looking for a little bit more…

Cole’s daughter just might be as dead inside as he is. Just ask Radio’s Delilah! He also contemplates a fake past friendship to cover up his urnal backsplash while attending his same dead inside daughters Volleyball Tournament 

Ginger and Kyle discuss going from two houses to one studio. But another man seems to be hotdogging on his turf! He doesn’t have a whole leg up but he thinks he’s the bee’s KNEES with what he’s packing! 

Kyle also shares her sadness with her precious pup Rufus’s recent passing. Cole shockingly is very quiet during this sermon. 

Ginger has a good dad/bad dad moment on top of things. 

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