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CUWTG 62: A Mooseknuckle, A Ghost, and A Stage Five Clinger Walk Into Our Bar

  • CUWTG 62: A Mooseknuckle, A Ghost, and A Stage Five Clinger Walk Into Our Bar 00:00

Whilst enjoying some adult cocktails on the back patio, Ginger’s brother “The Law” shows up just as the kids approach myself, Cole and Kyle to play a game of Ghost in the Graveyard. Which is basically Neighborhood hide and seek. 

With drinks in hand, we split up. Guys V.S. Girls. Roaming the neighborhood with booze in hand might be suspect, but when you have a 90lbs stranger roaming between houses in the middle of the night, you have a new suspect. Let’s just say the law meets the law. 

Neighbor Cole swears to God that a pajama date is the best way to get to know someone but 72 hours later, he’s got a stage 5 clinger on his hands and blocking her on Facebook might not be the only course of action he’ll need to take. 

Kyle gets a grant to go West. Wyoming to be exact. Apparently to become a good leader, you need to spend a week in the wild studying Antelopes and smuggling cantaloupe past an undercover customs agent that is also a talking moose. She gets to shoots guns with Republicans and returns with a participation award for being a good liberal! 

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