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This week we are joined by Bombad Radio. We talk the importance of Blogging, getting good interviews and how to build your audience. This is a great podcast if you’re into Star Wars, Video Games or Animation. A great Pop Culture podcast if you will. Check them out!

Don’t forget to subscribe to Bombad Radio or find them on Stitcher Radio and add them to a playlist! While you’re doing that…make sure Podcasting 101 is on that list. 

If you or someone you know is planning on starting a podcast soon I encourage you to call the voicemail with any questions you might have. Also, I’m available by email. This show does answer a lot of questions so make sure you go back through the library of episodes and give them a listen. Make sure you take notes. Only you can make your podcast better! 


Twitter: @Podcaster101


Voicemail: 206-424-0772

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