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This is a promo of the new Segment 7 after show for the 7 Days a Geek Podcast. 

You’d think bringing a TV into the house wouldn’t be a big deal. But then I discovered that Neighbor Cole has Movers PTSD as he shares his feelings while standing in front of a 70 inch TV.

Ever have a good deed go awry? Listen what happens when Cole just stops over to grab his laptop from the studio… but then his neighborly paternal instinct kicks in… and so does his gracefulness. Quiet as a mouse is not this home invaders forte.

To finish this episode off… we go back in time to the Brevis Family Farm for some good old fashion Cowboy neglect and trouble.

Foreshadowed for next episode: Ginger feels a deep level of shame… and it’s possible the only segment that has ever been deleted from the show since Cole joined will be shared.


Like this sneak peak into the Segment 7 after show. You can hear the whole thing by supporting us over at



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