Ep 169: Divorced, Geeked, Lubed, and Lovesick!

  • Ep 169: Divorced, Geeked, Lubed, and Lovesick! 00:00

In this weeks previously recorded (January) but never aired (till now) episode, we check in on Neighbor Cole’s Very Merry Blended Family Christmas.

Was it awkward celebrating Christmas with the Ex and her new man? Who won Christmas? Was breakfast served. Did it get sexual… at all!?

We also make an attempt to review Season 3 of Lovesick on Netflix. Sure we play clips and have a laugh at this riotously funny show… but it’s the subject matter that helps us delve into our own lives. Past, Present and Future.

Who gets the Sex toys in the divorce? Is open lube fair game for the next partner or is that frowned upon? Should you even need it? Do you not excite the new partner enough to play?

What about strip clubs? How do wives feel about that and are you afraid of them! Strippers…not wives.

Ever been naked in front of your friends? Why would you want to be?

These questions and OH SO MANY MORE discussed on a very personal… less pop cultured, 7 Days a Geek!


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