Ep 180: Road to Podtoberfest 2018

  • Ep 180: Road to Podtoberfest 2018 00:00

Your heroes go down a dark path in this episode. In between geeking out about the upcoming podcast marathon of epic proportions known as PODTOBERFEST and what’s the best digital service to watch movies on… things get dark. Revenge seeking Father wielding a chainsaw kind of dark. Thanks in part to the Quadfather’s quick review of the Oscar nominated film, Room. It’s really the only spark this podcast needed to go from fun loving geek to full blown Liam “Taken” Neeson.

We don’t live in the world for long though. We also discuss the dysfunctional relationship we’re having with Moviepass and we discuss, Maniac, the upcoming Netflix series with Emma Stone and Jonah Hill.

Stick around folks. Lots more fun is coming. It can’t all be about revenge can it?

Till then, have a drink, and don’t let your judgment be the first that goes.


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