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  • Day 9: Batman Films that Almost Were (hour 8)

    In this episode Bill Sweeney from Wicked Theory returns for another hour to discuss Several Batman films that were at one point in production but never got to see the light of day. We discuss the filmmakers attached. The actors that were almost Batman as well as a list of actors attached to the roles […]

  • Day 8: Bingeables (Hour 7)

    In this episode Bill Sweeney of the Wicked Theory podcast stops by to discuss his top 5 recommended Bingeables series. Ozark, Narcos and American Vandal are just a few. Dan Evans, my cohost on the Deconstructing Dad podcast hangs out for a few minutes and recommends a fantastic documentary series called The Keepers. We also […]

  • Day 7: Podcasting 101 Dave Jackson/Elsie Escobar (hour 6)

    In this episode we learn that “Podcasting gives a voice to the voiceless”. Join AG, Neighbor Cole, Quadfather, Dan Evans, Dave Jackson and Elsie Escobar as they discuss all things podcasting! Dave Jackson talks the community of podcasters and learning to leave some room for life and family outside of podcasting after divorce. Elsie shares […]

  • Day 6: Podcasting 101 “It Makes a Sound” (Hour 5)

    In this episode of Podcasting 101, Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jacquelyn Landgraf of It Makes a Sound joins us for a chat about creating a podcast. The creative drive it sometimes takes. The work that goes into editing and how it’s sometimes best not knowing how many hours you might invest […]

  • Day 5: Wiki, Wiki, Whaa?

    Carrying over the Butt Plug conversation from the Morning Show (I’m Sorry), the Quadfather joins the show to read a few topics from Wikipedia for us to riff off of. …and riff we do! Topics? Butt Plugs, Sex Dolls and Chinese Public Sperm Extractor Machines. We also discuss the 10 Worst Films from the 80’s […]

  • Day 4: The 7 Days a Geek Morning Show (Hour 3)

    In this episode the Quadfather stops by to give the hosts of the 7 Days a Geek morning show a “Would you survive a zombie apocalypse” quiz, though that doesn’t pan out…so there may or may not be a different quiz. Comic book writer and friend of the show Jacob Semahn stops by the show […]

  • Day 3: The 7 Days a Geek Morning Show (Hour 2)

    After the guys take an IQ test, we get to the important stuff… Like Rick and Morty, Flat Earthers and 90’s Trivia! That’s right, the morning show continues with this hour as we get down to more crazy conversations…like are smart devices and sex toys out to kill you? A man that looks very much […]

  • Day 2:The 7 Days a Geek Morning Show (hour 1)

    For those of you that have been listening for a long time, you may remember the names McBlizzard (McBibbles), Bacon, and Lohan the homeless vet. 2 of the 3 are original members of this here podcast, and my best friends. They come back after a 2 year absence to chat geek with this here Angry […]

  • Day 1-Curb Your 30 Days of Podcasting

    In this episode, Neighbor Cole and The Angry Ginger spend some time chatting about what to expect in the coming month. All 15 hours of Podtoberfest will be released along with a slew of other ideas for episodes that will be produced this month. Listen in…some of this depends on you…the listener!

  • Ep 167 Halloween Pod From The Crypt

    In this episode Neighbor Cole vents over a date. Is she avoiding him, or was she really in a car accident? In other horrific news, we cover the films Zombeavers and The Babadook. We also *Spoiler* discuss all of Season 2 of Stranger Things!

  • Ep 166: Leggo Eleven’s Eggo

    In this episode we celebrate Angry Ginger’s 40th birthday by not making a big deal about it. A brew is drank and as usual, things are Geeked out about! Trailer Talk Philip K. Dicks Electric Dreams JJ Abrams/Steven King bring us a new Hulu anthology TV series called Castle Rock. Speaking of Hulu, for the […]

  • Ep 165:Trumpkin Spice Latte

    In this episode, Angry Ginger and Neighbor Cole battle technical difficulties with The Last Jedi and The Black Panther while sipping on some hot Trumpkin Spice Latte’s (non existent). They Geekout over Netflix’s The Babysitter and The Meyerwitz Stories as well as play a game of One Question Quiz…but not before Cole shares some football […]