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  • Episode 148: 7DAG Reviewed by YOU!

    In this episode, we read the 23 review letters sent in by you the listener. Is it good? Is it bad? Were we roasted and now find ourselves hiding from the listeners in fear of further verbal punishment? Press play to hear all the reviews and side tangents and interrupted comments from TK1 and AG! […]

  • Episode 147: No Sh*t Sherlock

    In this episode TK1 (The Kilted One) and The Angry Ginger discuss how a “Scoop” tweet went viral. Will Robert Downey Jr. show up in Dr. Strange? Ginger seems to have an answer. Marvel greenlights another comic book series on HULU. Look for The Runaways coming soon. Want to know more. The geeks school ya. […]

  • Episode 145: 50 Shades of Wonder Woman

    In this episode of 7 Days a Geek, Grant “The Kilted One” and Jason “The Angry Ginger” geek out about JLA, King Kong, King Arthur, and Wonder Woman herself. The Angry Ginger was recently complimented on a recent episode of Dark Angels and Pretty Feet…er FREAKS! Sorry guys! …this of course, maybe, but most likely […]

  • Episode 144: On The Road to #PodtoberFest

    In this episode of 7 Days a Geek, Grant “The Kilted One” returns from his hiatus while moving into his house. He returns just days after turning 43 and is mildly happy about still being alive. We Geekout about the movies Keanu, and the Green Room, as well as the TV shows Wrecked, Mr. Robot […]

  • Spotlight: Producer V.S. Producer

    In shockingly what will be Producer Al’s first time on mic, on the 7 Days a Geek show, she joins The Angry Ginger and Agent Palmer, who’s mic is not muted this time for laughs aplenty. They discuss their early days of the meeting, who’s the biggest hippie or hipster! In addition, this time, it’s […]

  • Episode 143 : Geeking Out 3 (Greatest Hit’s bits)

    In this episode, we Geekout. Funny bits from episodes spanning across the last few years are compiled for nothing else but to give you, the listener, a good time! Thanks to all of you who have supported the show in any way. All of your emails, tweets, retweets and even to those who support us […]

  • Episode 142: More Than Meets The Eye

    In this episode TK1 is busy prepping for the big move so it’s just Producer Palmer and the Angry Ginger. We discuss losing weight by way of feet and speed, the fact that Transformers:The Movie is 30 years old and the real deal! We geek out over some geek news and shockingly say something shocking! […]

  • Episode 141: Mixtape’s and Carepackages

    Some of the brilliant minds behind Shumway Industries join The Angry Ginger and The Kilted One as Bill from The Wicked Theory Podcast, Stef from Gotham Lights and Paula from Tell Me Stories all took part in Episode 141, oh, and Palmer was there too… From Comic Con to Music and Mix Tapes, Skype Dates, […]

  • Special Edition: Producer Palmer’s Review

    In this episode, Grant, The Kilted One,  gets woken from a late night nap by Jason, the Angry Ginger, to finally review the producer that is…Agent Palmer! Twitter: @S7evendaysageek, @Insta_Grants2, @AgentPalmer and the show @7DAGpodcast You can email the show at or