Deconstructing Dad Podcast

  • Ep 11 Single Dads on Viagra and Holiday Traditions

    This episode previously aired live during the 7 Days a Geek 30 Days of Podcasting.    In this episode of Deconstructing Dad, Dan and I field questions from the live chatroom. We also discuss Holiday traditions and some how stumble on the use of Viagra?or perhaps it’s the lack of usage? I’m not even sure […]

  • Day 22: Deconstructing Dad (Holiday Edition)

    In this episode of Deconstructing Dad, Dan and I field questions from the live chatroom. We also discuss Holiday traditions and some how stumble on the use of Viagra…or perhaps it’s the lack of usage… I’m not even sure how we got on that subject! Enjoy:-)

  • Ep 10: Halloween and Worst Kids Theme Songs Ever!

    Does your kid have a favorite show that just makes you cringe? We go over a list of out top worst songs we could stand never listening to again. We also discuss trick or treating with the kids.

  • Ep 9: It’s NOT Dads V.S. Moms

    The media like’s to show us modern day dad’s as bumbling incapable morons. We’re always portrayed as the parents who were never able to get the training wheels off. At best, we’re babysitters. Single Dad’s get frowned upon for being the reason that the marriage didn’t work and Stay-at-home dad’s get laughed at. All of […]

  • Ep 8: The Talk

    In this episode, Jay and Dan talk about having “The Talk”! You know the one you feared having with your parents as a child. Well now we are the parents, and it’s time to have that “Talk” with our kids. We discuss, rules, ideas, fears, and tips on how to do it successfully.  

  • 13 Amazing Facts about Happiness

    In this episode AG and Dan are joined by friend of the show and fellow podcaster Courtney Calkins from the Quadcast Podcast. You’ll remember him from episode 3. This week we discuss Happiness. What makes you happy? Follow us on Twitter @DeconstructDad and like us on Facebook So in this episode we discuss a […]

  • Episode 5: The Secret Society of Parenting (Sh*t, Snot, and Puke Oh My!)

    In this episode Dan shares with me (and of course you the lovely listener) maybe the most graphic, and fear inducing horror show of a story that could ever happen to a parent in a public place, while in the care of a toddler! What if, while shopping, you got an immediate explosion of poo […]

  • Out of Gas

    I’ve mentioned Podcasting a bit in my blogs. If there is one thing in this world that I could happily make a living at…it would be Podcasting. I am in absolute love with it. It’s Fun. It’s engaging. It’s theraputic. It’s entertaining. It’s something that I feel that I’m fairly good at. I’m not great…but […]

  • 15 Years of Fatherhood

    15 years ago I was an early twenty-something with not much direction in life, just hours from becoming a Dad. I was excited and nervous. I had no idea what I was in for…but I was ready for anything. I didn’t have all the answers then, and even now, I still don’t. I can remember […]

  • Missing Cat Found?

    A couple of weeks back now, Jayla came home from school and said to my wife and I, “I think I found Archie!” Now this was a bit of a surprising revelation considering that Archie, our 10 year old Persian cat, (filled with more hate than your average Westboro Baptist card carrying member) has been […]

  • Michigan Earthquake 2015

    Did We Just Have An Earthquake?

    So I’m just sitting at my desk, prepping some upcoming blog entries when all of a sudden it happens! The possibility of death happens. First it starts as a whisper… Something is behind my wall. Then. Nothing.   If a real earthquake could be considered the equivalent of the body having irritable bowel syndrome then […]

  • Carter and his dad

    The Path To Becoming a SAHD

    I can be a #SAHD? (Stay At Home Dad for the uninitiated)   A few months back, Wifey and I were having a discussion about life. You know the one about “Finding Happiness” and/or “How do we pay all these bills without creatively selling any of our orifices on craigslist” kind of talk? You know […]

  • A Father’s Right to Bathroom Privacy

    Look, we’re all humans. There are things we all do as humans that…well… we must do. Now, do we have to talk about them? No. But if I lived my life by that code…life wouldn’t be as exciting. So, lucky for you, I’m a sharer! A story-telling gift giver! A modern day…ok, enough hyperbole.   […]

  • Historical Moments in Parental Guidance #4092

    Being a parent is a tough job. I would venture to guess that not all of us “Adults” really have it figured out. We go about it, learning as we go. Hoping to hell we’re doing it right. Or at the very least, the best we can. We give out sage advice based on our […]