30 Days of Podcasting 2016

  • Day 30: See ya for now…till next time!

    In this episode we wrap up the 30 Days of Podcasting. Remind you of the 12 Days of Podcasting. Give updates on all things Monkey Poo and just say Thank You for everything!

  • Day 29: Quadcast Hosts The Dudely Wed Game

    People always say that The Angry Ginger and The Kilted One argue like an old married couple…so let’s see how well they know each other. In this episode Courtney “The Quad Father” hosts a rather skewed version of The Newly Wed Game…but for 2 podcasters who are older…and not married. Like, at all! Want to […]

  • Day 28: Goofie Newfie (Ginger Goes to Canada)

    In this episode Ginger goes to visit Paula Allen from Tell Me Stories Podcast and Dougie, the Monkey Poo Studios I.T. Guru! Comedy Ensues: Does AG try his special ed brand of humor on the boarder patrol? Is Canada secretly brainwashing their special brand of patriotism though maple syrup and fried bologna sandwiches? Have you […]

  • Day 27: Wiki Wiki Whaa? Dog Fart Switchback

    Today I’m sharing a funny Patreon Exclusive episode of our Wiki Wiki Whaa? If you recall about a year ago, a fellow podcaster and friend, Henno came to town and joined us for a recording…well he also stuck around while we recorded our Wiki Wiki Whaa? episode. Wiki Wiki Whaa? is where Producer Palmer collects […]

  • Day 26: The End Of Podtoberfest

    The title pretty much explains it. For those in the dark…we podcasted for 24 hours…this here, be the last of those hours. Our thoughts on the whole thing and some funny as well. Thanks for listening and thanks for all of your support! www.patreon.com/monkeypoostudios

  • Day 25: The Shumway Watercooler LIVE

    In today’s episode the whole podtoberfest group does a live read through of a radio play written by quite a few members of shumway! All the sound effects are preformed by us as a group. It was a great time!

  • Day 24: Tech Talk

    In this hour we pull some articles of some “Techy” things to talk about. Get your learn on while you have some fun with us!

  • Day 23: Movies Turning 30 part 2

    In this episode we continue our discussion over some of the greatest movies in cinema. Perhaps the greatest year in cinema. Support 7 Days a Geek at Patreon and get your very own PodtoberFest T-shirt www.patreon.com/monkeypoostudios

  • Day 22: Podtoberfest Family Feud w/ Quadcast Courtney

    In this hour Courtney host of the Quadcast Podcast joins us to play Family Feud Host to all of us in the Podtoberfest studio. It’s AG and the Canadians V.S. TK1 and the Americans! Will they feud? Who will win? Listen to find out! Want your very own Podtoberfest T-shirt? of course you do! Support […]

  • Day 21: The Soundtrack of our Lives w/ Tell Me Stories Podcast

    In today’s episode we talk the music from movies and our memories from both. We also play the music and get into another “who can guess it first” game! Paula Allen from the Tell Me Stories Podcast put’s this fun hour together and Bill Sweeney join us for the hour! Grant and Ginger…they just play […]

  • Day 19: December Movie Trailer Talk

    In today’s episode we sit around the Podtoberfest studio and discuss the big movies that will be released in December. We play clips from the trailers, give you our two cents as well as the low down about the movie it self. Enjoy!

  • Day 18:How Has Podcasting Changed Shumway’s Life?

    Today we ask the question to all of Shumway, courtesy of Podcasting 101, “How Has Podcasting Changed Your Life?”. Diamond Dave, Paula Allen, Bill Sweeney, Grant Markham Sammy!, and Agent Palmer participate in the conversation. Interested in supporting the show? Visit our patreon page and give a couple of bucks. Give a couple more a […]

  • Day 17: Uncle Vito’s Scoop w/ Wicked Theory

    In today’s episode Bill Sweeney from Wicked Theory takes over to bring us the latest scoops in hollywood. They could be right…they could be waaaaaay off. Most likely it’s one of those things…but it’s funny regardless! Wanna support 7 Days a Geek? Please visit our Patreon page over at www.patreon.com/monkeypoostudios

  • Day 16: Operation Thrifty Moose

    In this, the second hour of the morning show, you’ll remember that we sent the “Canadians” off on a surprise “American” shopping spree, code named “Operation Thrifty Moose”! They soon return to tell us the tale. It didn’t go as planned…I’ll just leave it there. We also delve deeper into some streaming shows on Netflix, […]

  • Day 15: Another 7DAG Morning Show (Hour 1)

    In this episode we geek out over anything and everything streaming! Netflix, Amazon, HBO Now… We also launch Operation Moose Knuckle…er….Operation Thrifty Moose. We surprise our 3 Canadians by sending them out to go shopping for a few morning necessities. You’ll be surprised by who was not pleased about this. Wanna Support the show? Visit […]

  • Day 14: More Shumway Conversations

    Today we wrap up our conversation…our Shumway Conversations from yesterday as well as discuss the first 12 hours of Podtoberfest (The 30 Days of Podcasting so far…) Want your very own Podtoberfest T-shirt? Support 7 Days a Geek over at the Monkey Poo Studios Patreon page and I’ll send you one! www.patreon.com/monkeypoostudios

  • Day 13: The Shumway Conversations

    In this episode our little Shumway Industries (in Podtoberfest studio) group sat down with Grant The Kilted One (TK1) to get to know him a little better via his line of questioning much like his The Stranger Conversations Podcast. We were allowed two skips if we needed to use them, but other than that…we had […]

  • Day 12: Have You Seen My 1980’s w/ Diamond Dave

    In today’s episode we play some 1980’s trivia. Fellow podcaster, Diamond Dave, has famously admitted to missing out on a lot of things “Geek” growing up so he compiles a list of both 80’s live action television shows as well as cartoons and the Podtoberfest crew spends the hour guessing whether he’s seen it or […]

  • Day 11: Podcasting 101 w/ The Orbiting Human Circus

    On today’s episode we talk with Drew Callander from Welcome To Night Vale Presents:The Orbiting Human Circus. Along with discussing the in’s and out’s of this fantastic new podcast, we talk with Drew about his career in theater, writing and voice acting. The guy is multi-talented and super nice. He’s very funny and fit in […]