30 Days of Podcasting

  • Day 30: All Time Favorite Albums (Part 2)

    Neighbor Cole and Ginger are back to finish what they started! 5 more albums plus some surprises along the way. What was your first concert? Does anyone know the actual words to “Informer” from Snow? Albums and artists we discuss in this episode are Eminem The Marshal Mathers LP and The Eminem Show. Shinedown’s Sound […]

  • Day 29: All Time Favorite Albums (Part One)

    In this episode, Neighbor Cole and Angry Ginger go down the rabbit hole of life and music. Stories about our favorite musical bands and where we were when we listened to them. The bands we discuss are… Breaking Benjamin, Neil Diamond, Tupac, Nine Inch Nails, and Stained. 🐒💩

  • Day 28: August Patreon Exclusive-Lucky Logan’s Turd

    Here is the review of Logan Lucky. Fresh from the Angry Ginger/Neighbor Cole ‘Man Date’, we give you the breakdown, spoilers and review that we promised from this film. Was it worth Soda-berg coming out of retirement for? Meh-be? Thanks for your support. More coming! Check out this episode!

  • Day 27: Patreon Exclusive-Trailer Talk and Night Terrors

    In this episode (recorded after Ep 161 Friendly Neighborhood Podcasters) we discuss a crap ton of movie trailers that we just haven’t been able to cram into an episode just yet. If you listen, and why wouldn’t you, you’ll learn more about new co-host Cole and his fear of horror movies and why. He shares […]

  • Day 25: The Dark Tower

    Neighbor Cole and The Angry Ginger go after Stephen Kings The Dark Tower from Page to Screen!  

  • Day 24: Court Date Analysis

    The Quadfather calls in to give his years of Marriage counseling and Family Therapy training to a couple of knuckleheads who clearly need dating advice from a man who hasn’t dated in 27 years.

  • Day 23: Happy Turkey Day/Cole’s Date Update

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners! May you all have a fantastic feast filled with friends, family and fights to the death! Brevis Farms 4 Life Yo! In this episode, Cole updates the listeners on his dating experiences. Ginger jumps in with some of his own which leads Cole to get very defensive! Also, […]

  • Day 22: Deconstructing Dad (Holiday Edition)

    In this episode of Deconstructing Dad, Dan and I field questions from the live chatroom. We also discuss Holiday traditions and some how stumble on the use of Viagra…or perhaps it’s the lack of usage… I’m not even sure how we got on that subject! Enjoy:-)

  • Day 20: Top 10 Bingeables and Recommendables Part 1

    In this episode the Quadfather calls in to play the part of the stupid audience. His words…not ours. Attack! Neighbor cole recommends that you binge Dexter, The Americans, and The Walking Dead. The Angry Ginger gives a couple of recommendations as well. What shows you ask? How about Lovesick and Shameless! All 5 are worthy […]

  • Day 19: Fast Forward to the Bedroom-Gerald’s Game from Page to Screen

    In this episode The Angry Ginger and Neighbor Cole spend some time talking to YOU the listener….as well as get into the Netflix original movie based on the book by Stephen King, Gerald’s Game. Cole has read the book, so he helps shed some light on the similarities and differences between the two mediums. Of […]

  • Day 18: How High?

    The Angry Ginger is joined by the Quadfather from the Quadcast Podcast to discuss a few things we are geeking out about right now. The Wheelman, Louis CK and Patton Oswalt’s comedy specials are a few things discussed. Also, in a very special 7 Days a Geek moment…we talk the about the accidental usage of […]

  • Day 17: October’s Patreon Exclusive

    Riggs and Murtaugh just might be back for Lethal Weapon 5. Is Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville worth your time? Sounds like the Bad Boys Flick might be getting a Spin-Off Series too! All of this plus fart jokes and Trailer Talk! Join us for another fun filled hour of movie talk and geeking out! This […]

  • Day 15: #AskCole and the End of Podtoberfest

    In this episode we read an email from Mr. Gaskins and field questions from chat room and each other. The last hour plus of the show is fast and loose… Thanks so much for all of your support and enjoy this, the last hour of Podtoberfest 2017!!!

  • Day 14:PodernFamily with Aces and Faces

    In this episode of the previously recorded LIVE broadcast of #Podtoberfest, we invite podcasters who use the Hashtag “#Podernfamily” on the show. 2 of it’s participants call in. Courtney from the Quadcast Podcast and we’re also visited by the Faces and Aces podcast. This podcast resides in Las Vegas….so as you can imagine…the topics are […]

  • Day 13: Movies Turning 20

    In this episode, Neighbor Cole, Lohan the Homeless Vet and The Angry Ginger discuss 20 films turing 20 this year. That’s right, the flicks released in 1997 are already 20 years old! Jump in the way back time machine with us and relive some of your favorites with us!

  • Day 12: Soundtrack of our Lives (hour 11)

    In this episode, Neighbor Cole and The Angry Ginger play music from the films that they watched as kids. Hence the Soundtrack. Get it? From Raw Deal to The Wedding Singer, with some Adventures of Ford Fairlane thrown in for good measure. Cole regales us with stories from the farm. Armed with an old VHS […]

  • Day 11: December Trailer Talk

    Back again for a second hour, Dark Angel and Pretty Freaks very own Neil and Annaleis, along with Matt from Reasons are Several join the show to talk more movies! The studio is still packed with guests and The Quad Father also guests to help move this show along. …or at the very least ignite […]

  • Day 10: November Trailer Talk (hour 9)

    In this episode we we have a full panel of guests to talk movie trailers for Novembers upcoming movies. Matt from Reasons are Several, Neil from both Reasons are Several and Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks as well as Neil’s wife and cohost of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, Annaleis. Courtney a.k.a. the Quadfather from […]

  • Day 9: Batman Films that Almost Were (hour 8)

    In this episode Bill Sweeney from Wicked Theory returns for another hour to discuss Several Batman films that were at one point in production but never got to see the light of day. We discuss the filmmakers attached. The actors that were almost Batman as well as a list of actors attached to the roles […]

  • Day 8: Bingeables (Hour 7)

    In this episode Bill Sweeney of the Wicked Theory podcast stops by to discuss his top 5 recommended Bingeables series. Ozark, Narcos and American Vandal are just a few. Dan Evans, my cohost on the Deconstructing Dad podcast hangs out for a few minutes and recommends a fantastic documentary series called The Keepers. We also […]

  • Day 7: Podcasting 101 Dave Jackson/Elsie Escobar (hour 6)

    In this episode we learn that “Podcasting gives a voice to the voiceless”. Join AG, Neighbor Cole, Quadfather, Dan Evans, Dave Jackson and Elsie Escobar as they discuss all things podcasting! Dave Jackson talks the community of podcasters and learning to leave some room for life and family outside of podcasting after divorce. Elsie shares […]

  • Day 6: Podcasting 101 “It Makes a Sound” (Hour 5)

    In this episode of Podcasting 101, Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jacquelyn Landgraf of It Makes a Sound joins us for a chat about creating a podcast. The creative drive it sometimes takes. The work that goes into editing and how it’s sometimes best not knowing how many hours you might invest […]

  • Day 5: Wiki, Wiki, Whaa?

    Carrying over the Butt Plug conversation from the Morning Show (I’m Sorry), the Quadfather joins the show to read a few topics from Wikipedia for us to riff off of. …and riff we do! Topics? Butt Plugs, Sex Dolls and Chinese Public Sperm Extractor Machines. We also discuss the 10 Worst Films from the 80’s […]

  • Day 4: The 7 Days a Geek Morning Show (Hour 3)

    In this episode the Quadfather stops by to give the hosts of the 7 Days a Geek morning show a “Would you survive a zombie apocalypse” quiz, though that doesn’t pan out…so there may or may not be a different quiz. Comic book writer and friend of the show Jacob Semahn stops by the show […]

  • Day 3: The 7 Days a Geek Morning Show (Hour 2)

    After the guys take an IQ test, we get to the important stuff… Like Rick and Morty, Flat Earthers and 90’s Trivia! That’s right, the morning show continues with this hour as we get down to more crazy conversations…like are smart devices and sex toys out to kill you? A man that looks very much […]

  • Day 2:The 7 Days a Geek Morning Show (hour 1)

    For those of you that have been listening for a long time, you may remember the names McBlizzard (McBibbles), Bacon, and Lohan the homeless vet. 2 of the 3 are original members of this here podcast, and my best friends. They come back after a 2 year absence to chat geek with this here Angry […]

  • Day 1-Curb Your 30 Days of Podcasting

    In this episode, Neighbor Cole and The Angry Ginger spend some time chatting about what to expect in the coming month. All 15 hours of Podtoberfest will be released along with a slew of other ideas for episodes that will be produced this month. Listen in…some of this depends on you…the listener!