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  • S4E6 Welcome to Night Vale Presents:It Makes a Sound 101

    This episode was recorded live during the annual Podcasting Celebration event known as Podtoberfest that I do every year. In this first hour, Jacquelyn Landgraf from “It Makes a Sound” joins us to discuss her new Audio Drama. She tells us how the project first came together and about all of the hard work that […]

  • S3E5 Reasons Are Several with Matt G

    In this episode my fellow podcasting pal Matt G from Reasons Are Several stops by to talk all things podcasting. A couple of topics discussed? Transitioning from one cohost to another. Rebranding your show… or broadening it’s appeal. Advice for first time Podcasters and Matt Shares a quick How Has Podcasting Changed His Life story. […]

  • The Adventures of Thomas Wiggily and His Developmentally Handicapped Horse

    Greetings and Salutations my little poo heads. Ummm, wait. That doesn’t sound right does it? Screw it. Poo heads it is! It’s been a fab year here in the studio. We’ve had some great shows and events over the past 13 months. There’s 13 months in a year – right? 7 Days a Geek, Podcasting […]

  • Ep 11 Single Dads on Viagra and Holiday Traditions

    This episode previously aired live during the 7 Days a Geek 30 Days of Podcasting.    In this episode of Deconstructing Dad, Dan and I field questions from the live chatroom. We also discuss Holiday traditions and some how stumble on the use of Viagra?or perhaps it’s the lack of usage? I’m not even sure […]

  • Merry Geekmas 2017

    In this episode, your faithful podcasting heroes sit down over a cup of eggnog, listen to music and exchange Christmas gifts! 

  • The 10 Best Holiday Movies to Geek Out Too Part 2 #12DaysOfGeekmas Ep 10

    In this episode we pick up where we left off before we got Ohhhhh so Lovesick!  We talk Lethal Weapon, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Jingle All The Way, Home Alone 2, and Four Christmases.  Also, Neighbor Cole fondly remembers his gummy girlfriend…and how surgery made her a new woman… with an enhanced set of […]

  • Raw Dog and Bail-Lovesick Reviewed Part 3 #12DaysOfGeekmas Ep 9

    Finally the big reveal. Who had an STD and what kind was it? What are your thoughts on having a divorce party? Are you celebrating failure, or just having an optimistic outlook toward the future while having drinks with your friends? Again we spill the beans on our personal lives. Way too much TMI is […]

  • Giving Her Dutch Mud Flaps! Lovesick Reviewed part 1 #12DaysOfGeekmas Ep 7

    Where is the strangest place Ginger, Cole and Courtney have had sex? Have you ever had to have the “What are your intentions with my daughter?” conversation? We tell our stories! These are a few conversations we happen upon as we review Lovesick season 1 from Netflix! We play clips and delve into the characters […]

  • The 10 Best Holiday Movies to Geek Out Too #12DaysOfGeekmas Ep 6

    Before we finally brief you on the inner workings, or lack there of, on The Angry Ginger’s ongoing battle with the urination station, we get down and dirty on our favorite holiday films! These are just some of our recommendations. Sure we get sidetracked and go on a few tangents…but who wants to just hear […]

  • The Legend of St. Lickolas #12DaysOfGeekmas Ep 4

    In this episode we geek out over 12 Insane Facts about the Origin of Santa. Did you know he once saved 3 women from becoming prostitutes and that Coke A Cola is solely responsible for the way we look at Santa today? Here this and many more strange fun facts about the old bearded one! […]

  • Christmas Fun Facts (Go To The Creek) #12DaysOfGeekmas Ep 3

    In this off the cuff episode, the guys find some rather interesting fun facts about christmas through out the years. We even pull up the old Google to delve a bit deeper into some of these.  Did you know that during WWI both sides put down their guns and celebrated Christmas across No Mans Land. […]

  • A Very 90’s Music Christmas #12DaysOfGeekmas Ep 2

    In this very special Christmas episode of Dawson’s Creek, Joey and Dawson…. Wait, that’s not it!  In this Episode Cole and Ginger go down the rabbit hole of 90’s rock music. From 90′ to 99′ we cover a little bit of everything. Listen and let us know what your favorite songs from the decade were! 

  • A Very Shameless X-mas #12DaysOfGeekmas Ep1

    In this episode we geek out about the fact that it’s only days now until we sit down in a theater and witness The Last Jedi!!! We discuss family traditions. Some we had growing up….like Neighbor Cole’s drunk father “accidentally” typing the tree over every year and how his Mom would cry and get unconsoled […]

  • Day 30: All Time Favorite Albums (Part 2)

    Neighbor Cole and Ginger are back to finish what they started! 5 more albums plus some surprises along the way. What was your first concert? Does anyone know the actual words to “Informer” from Snow? Albums and artists we discuss in this episode are Eminem The Marshal Mathers LP and The Eminem Show. Shinedown’s Sound […]

  • Day 29: All Time Favorite Albums (Part One)

    In this episode, Neighbor Cole and Angry Ginger go down the rabbit hole of life and music. Stories about our favorite musical bands and where we were when we listened to them. The bands we discuss are… Breaking Benjamin, Neil Diamond, Tupac, Nine Inch Nails, and Stained. 🐒💩

  • Day 28: August Patreon Exclusive-Lucky Logan’s Turd

    Here is the review of Logan Lucky. Fresh from the Angry Ginger/Neighbor Cole ‘Man Date’, we give you the breakdown, spoilers and review that we promised from this film. Was it worth Soda-berg coming out of retirement for? Meh-be? Thanks for your support. More coming! Check out this episode!

  • Day 27: Patreon Exclusive-Trailer Talk and Night Terrors

    In this episode (recorded after Ep 161 Friendly Neighborhood Podcasters) we discuss a crap ton of movie trailers that we just haven’t been able to cram into an episode just yet. If you listen, and why wouldn’t you, you’ll learn more about new co-host Cole and his fear of horror movies and why. He shares […]

  • Day 25: The Dark Tower

    Neighbor Cole and The Angry Ginger go after Stephen Kings The Dark Tower from Page to Screen!  

  • Day 24: Court Date Analysis

    The Quadfather calls in to give his years of Marriage counseling and Family Therapy training to a couple of knuckleheads who clearly need dating advice from a man who hasn’t dated in 27 years.

  • Day 23: Happy Turkey Day/Cole’s Date Update

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners! May you all have a fantastic feast filled with friends, family and fights to the death! Brevis Farms 4 Life Yo! In this episode, Cole updates the listeners on his dating experiences. Ginger jumps in with some of his own which leads Cole to get very defensive! Also, […]

  • Day 22: Deconstructing Dad (Holiday Edition)

    In this episode of Deconstructing Dad, Dan and I field questions from the live chatroom. We also discuss Holiday traditions and some how stumble on the use of Viagra…or perhaps it’s the lack of usage… I’m not even sure how we got on that subject! Enjoy:-)

  • Ep 10: Halloween and Worst Kids Theme Songs Ever!

    Does your kid have a favorite show that just makes you cringe? We go over a list of out top worst songs we could stand never listening to again. We also discuss trick or treating with the kids.

  • Day 20: Top 10 Bingeables and Recommendables Part 1

    In this episode the Quadfather calls in to play the part of the stupid audience. His words…not ours. Attack! Neighbor cole recommends that you binge Dexter, The Americans, and The Walking Dead. The Angry Ginger gives a couple of recommendations as well. What shows you ask? How about Lovesick and Shameless! All 5 are worthy […]

  • Day 19: Fast Forward to the Bedroom-Gerald’s Game from Page to Screen

    In this episode The Angry Ginger and Neighbor Cole spend some time talking to YOU the listener….as well as get into the Netflix original movie based on the book by Stephen King, Gerald’s Game. Cole has read the book, so he helps shed some light on the similarities and differences between the two mediums. Of […]

  • Day 18: How High?

    The Angry Ginger is joined by the Quadfather from the Quadcast Podcast to discuss a few things we are geeking out about right now. The Wheelman, Louis CK and Patton Oswalt’s comedy specials are a few things discussed. Also, in a very special 7 Days a Geek moment…we talk the about the accidental usage of […]