• Ep 11 Single Dads on Viagra and Holiday Traditions

    This episode previously aired live during the 7 Days a Geek 30 Days of Podcasting.    In this episode of Deconstructing Dad, Dan and I field questions from the live chatroom. We also discuss Holiday traditions and some how stumble on the use of Viagra?or perhaps it’s the lack of usage? I’m not even sure […]

  • Raw Dog and Bail-Lovesick Reviewed Part 3 #12DaysOfGeekmas Ep 9

    Finally the big reveal. Who had an STD and what kind was it? What are your thoughts on having a divorce party? Are you celebrating failure, or just having an optimistic outlook toward the future while having drinks with your friends? Again we spill the beans on our personal lives. Way too much TMI is […]

  • Day 30: All Time Favorite Albums (Part 2)

    Neighbor Cole and Ginger are back to finish what they started! 5 more albums plus some surprises along the way. What was your first concert? Does anyone know the actual words to “Informer” from Snow? Albums and artists we discuss in this episode are Eminem The Marshal Mathers LP and The Eminem Show. Shinedown’s Sound […]