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  • Ep 163 D*ck Drawings and Cartoon Theme Songs

    In this Episode Arnold “Gunther” Schwarzenegger becomes an eccentric hitman and also news erupts of a new Terminator but this time he will be back…as a human? Male Appendages get drawn on walls and cars causing a single student to get singled out in a new Netflix “Who Done It” docu-series. We Geek Out over […]

  • S4E4 How 9 Years of Podcasting Has Changed My Life

    In this episode of Pod 101 I celebrate my 9 years of podcasting by taking a look back through out my Podcasting career. All the shows, events and things that I’ve learned. Don’t worry…it’s in broad strokes. Other wise it’d be more of Ken Burns Documentary!

  • Ep 9: It’s NOT Dads V.S. Moms

    The media like’s to show us modern day dad’s as bumbling incapable morons. We’re always portrayed as the parents who were never able to get the training wheels off. At best, we’re babysitters. Single Dad’s get frowned upon for being the reason that the marriage didn’t work and Stay-at-home dad’s get laughed at.  All of […]

  • S3E3 The Kitchen Counter

    In this episode, Roger Anderson from the Kitchen Counter podcast, shares some delicious audible delights about all things podcasting!   A few things discussed: Podcasting is great for introverts. Tips for letting your podcast grow organically. and Advice for podcasters just starting out. All of this and so much more! Curious where the show has […]