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  • Ep 161: Friendly Neighborhood Podcasters

    In this episode we give a Big FAT Geek Review to Spider-man:Homecoming. Heroics, Porn and Laughter ensues. We cover a couple of new trailers, give away ginger’s hard earned money and wrap up the show with some Geek News! As always thanks for your support and thanks for listening! Check out this episode!

  • 13 Amazing Facts about Happiness

    In this episode AG and Dan are joined by friend of the show and fellow podcaster Courtney Calkins from the Quadcast Podcast. You’ll remember him from episode 3. This week we discuss Happiness. What makes you happy? Follow us on Twitter @DeconstructDad and like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/deconstructingdadblog/ So in this episode we discuss a […]

  • Episode 160:Wrestling With The Spring Break Swooper

    7 Days a Geek is BAAAAAAACCCKKK!!!! New Cohost, same show (mostly) The Angry Ginger Welcomes Neighbor Cole to the show permanently. Get to know Cole through out the coming weeks. If this is your first time listening….please take the 3 episode challenge. If you dig the show please Subscribe, Rate and Review!   In this […]