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  • 7dag-138

    Episode 138: Second Chance Ghostbusters and Other Heroic Nonesense

    In this episode TK1 and The Angry Ginger Geekout over Netflix’s Flaked, Daredevil and Fox’s (Hit?) series Second Chance. In trailers, both Lights Out and Ghostbusters gets some love. Speaking of Love, we discuss that series on Netflix as well, Tom Green contacts an inmate for renting Freddy Got Fingered for far too long, and […]

  • 7dag-137

    Episode 137:Sausage Party at Monkey Poo

    This week The Angry Ginger and Grant are joined in studio by podcasting friend @Idahenno. We discuss Seth Rogan’s new, very adult, animated comedy, Sausage Party, as well as discuss the importance of Superman in this new Age we live it. Yes, we’re excited for Batman V. Superman! We also take a few emails from […]

  • 126

    Episode 136: Jon Hamm, Male Sac, and Other Gingerisims

    Looking for a stepmom? Pornhub says you are? Join The Angry Ginger and a whiskey soaked Jon Hamm…er… TK1 as we discuss the top U.S. ranked fetishes, our likes and dislikes. We answer fan mail, Geekout over Twitter’s new Gif addition, and Netflix’s LOVE.

  • 7dag-135

    Episode 135: Where’s the Geek?

    In this episode we geek out. Plain and simple. Join us as we discuss an important part of our origin and how we’re thankful we’re podcasters and not radio DJ’s! We discuss (and laugh our collective butts off) over the unofficial $200,000 dollar Oscar gift bags! 3 words. “Vampire Breast Lift”. Only in Hollywood, listeners! […]

  • 7dag-131

    7DAG – Ep 131:A Krypton Tranny and Secret Cloverfields

    New Trailers, Geek News and What we’re geeking out about. Join in on the coversation on Twitter and Facebook! Nice Guys, Independence Day 2 and 10 Cloverfield Lane kick off our trailer talk. Shoot us and email. We’d love to hear from YOU!s7evendaysageek@gmail.com Send us a voicemessage right from our website! 7daysageek.net Tweet us: @s7evendaysageek […]